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The Proactive Health Care Program promotes behavior change and increases well-being by delivering population based, stage-based, individualized and interactive interventions that help individuals be proactive by taking more responsibility for health, health care, and health care costs not only as a patient, but as a provider to friends and family, and as a purchaser of health care.

Our Program For Proactive Health Consumer

The program uses validated assessments and empirically based guidance to address four dimensions of being a proactive health consumer:

  • Participating as a partner in decision making with health care providers;
  • Learning about and carefully considering options before making decisions regarding health plans, providers, tests, treatments, and end-of-life care;
  • Engaging in ongoing health and wellness activities; and
  • Using health services wisely and in a financially responsible way.

Based on extensive qualitative and quantitative research, the Proactive healthcare helps increase health literacy, and meets the needs of the insured, under-insured, and uninsured. The program includes a computer-tailored intervention to increase readiness to become a more active participant in one’s health and health care, as well as an interactive Personal Activity Center designed to assist people in each domain of being a Proactive healthcare. Activities include interactive and editable scripts about how to talk with a doctor about difficult topics, a queue to organize and prioritize questions for a medical appointment, quizzes about health care costs, and interactive testimonials in which the user receives feedback and tips on how they could’ve proceeded in various scenarios.

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